My Stepdad Died.


I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog. Welcome to my new blog, a new blog was in the works I just haven’t made time to make the changes. I’m still working on everything so bare with me, by the end of March my blog should be have more content better than before.

Sadly my family and I just lost our dad, he wasn’t my biological dad as you learned from the title but he was my dad. He made a huge impact in my life since he raised me since I was 5 years old. He’s the reason I have two brothers, who I’ll be watching over now. This is my family’s first big loss so we’re all grieving at our own pace.

It’s been tough to grasp that my life still goes on even though he died. Every time I take my dog outside to pee at night and look at the sky I think to myself, “Uncle Blue is no longer on this earth physically living” and it makes me sad. I didn’t call him dad, I called him, “Uncle Blue” because that’s how he was introduced to me and that’s what he was to me. There was so much I wanted him to see in my life like my house, my wedding, my kids. I still have questions I wanted to ask him, so that’ll just stay with me. We all thought he had more time with us. The sad thing is we had a complicated relationship, but he took care of me and my family and I’m forever grateful for everything he did for us. He saw me graduate every grade and college, he witnessed my first hangover on my 24th birthday just last October.

I pray my family is strong and comes out strong since this is a big year for us. My younger brother is graduating high school and going to college. My youngest brother turned 9 years old two weeks after he died. Going through these events and the merry go round that is life, I know we celebrate the good times more now since he’s gone.

2 thoughts on “My Stepdad Died.

  1. I’m so sorry, Deanna. My stepdad and I had a complicated history and relationship as well, but we got through it in the end. I would feel his loss when the day comes. I hope your heart heals soon. Condolences to you and your fam.

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