Going back to my roots.

I’m approaching my mid twenties which have led me to believe I need to go back and retrace my steps to do things I did when I was younger. Back then I was exploring all of my options and passions and now that I’m finding better ways to calm my worries I’ve found that diving back into the hobbies that made me truly happy back then would probably make me happy again.

So here we are with a new blog, a personal blog where I tell my story and no longer fear what others think of me like I did once before. I want to be a successful writer one day and this is my first step. Since I can’t focus on one topic I’m starting with a personal blog but I think this will be a fashion blog because I love shopping and having new clothes.

Along with my blog, my other goals include:

  • Uploading 12 videos to my youtube channel. I decided to start small one video per month because when I look at it like that it doesn’t seem so far out of my reach.
  • Playing with makeup more, one of the reasons my passion for makeup died was because of the industry and how many new techniques there are. Trying to learn and master each new one discouraged me from my passion. So now I’m trying to enjoy my passion of makeup like I did when I was first discovering it.
  • Reading 15 books. I haven’t finished any books yet, but I have enjoyed reading more like I used to when I was devouring a book once a week.

By trying to rediscover all of these passions, I hope to have a better relationship with myself and to ease my unnecessary worries.

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