I cut my hair.

I cut my hair back on January 26, 2020. I wanted something new and went for a bit of a shorter look. I was nervous, but ready for a change. I’ve had long hair since 2014, and the last time I cut my hair was in 2013, which was 7 years ago…it was definitely time for a change.

Overall I’m very happy with the change. I know it’ll be a couple years before my hair is back to it’s length but that’s perfectly fine with me. I feel less weight on my shoulders and I like it makes me look a little younger even though I get carded for everything as it is.

I’m enjoying the less maintenance and experimenting with new styles. I’m thinking about dying the tips again just to go back and enjoy what the color made me feel back when I was 18 and dying my hair for the first time. It meant more freedom and discovery and now that I’m 24, I feel like new discoveries are on the reach.

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