New Shampoo: Formulate Review & GIVEAWAY!

Are you struggling with your hair care routine? I know I was before I did the big chop, I recently cut about half of my hair in efforts to try something new. I was trying to manage tangles, knots, itchiness, and sometimes dryness while also maintaining a shine and no split ends. With that came discovering new products to use and I was lucky enough to try Formulate’s new shampoo and conditioner line which is fully customizable for your own hair. Let’s get into it and be sure to enter my giveaway which is at the very end of my blog post!

How it works

You can get the formulate app and start by making an account where you take quiz to determine your hair type to help fit all your needs. The quiz takes about 10 minutes.

This includes:

  • Being vegan
  • BPA free
  • Oily hair
  • Dry hair
  • Dry scalp
  • Oily scalp
  • Itchy scalp
  • Dandruff

With that quiz your own formula of shampoo and conditioner is made for your personal type! How cool is that?! It’s guaranteed to work, and I’ll say I’ve really enjoyed my experience thus far. I’ve used both the shampoo and conditioner a couple times and it’s made my hair feel thicker and fuller. It doesn’t get oily as fast, while I’m not a huge fan of the scent that’s one of my only few gripes with the products.

Here are the questions from the quiz?

Natural hair color.
Has the hair been color treated?
How oily is the hair/scalp?
How thick is a strand of hair?
What is the texture of the hair when dry?
How sensitive is your scalp?
How frequent is dandruff?
What texture and color is your dandruff?
What methods are used for hair styling?
How many times per week does the customer use shampoo?
How many times per week does the customer use conditioner?
Approximately how long is the customer’s hair?
How often has the customer recently used sulfate-free shampoo?
To what degree is the customer’s hair graying?
Is the customer experiencing hair loss?
Any scalp medical conditions?
Brands you’re currently using.
Ingredient restrictions: Gluten-free? Vegan? Silicone-free?
Would you like purple debrassing shampoo?
Free text for any other notes you think we should know.
Hair goals.

After the quiz your product gets shipped to your in a lovely package! I got mine within two days, but I don’t believe it should take longer than a week. My package came in a nice crisp black and white box matching my shampoo and conditioner bottles.


My quiz results: So my quiz determined my problem areas with my hair are itchiness, and tight scalp but no dandruff. It also included helping with making my hair shinier, stronger and thicker. You get a selection of what else you want the products to help you with. After you place your order you get a break down of what is included in your products to help with your problem areas as I did to help with the tightness and itchiness in my scalp.

My hair type:

I have straight hair, but it’s also slightly wavy which is why my profile says wavy. It’s like 99% straight though, I just didn’t want to leave it out because when my hair dries naturally it’s wavy but once I brush it out and sleep in it it’s super straight. So I can wear it wavy when I want, but I wear it naturally straight most of the time. As I’m reaching my mid-twenties I am concerned about my hair changing. Moreso, thinning which I listed besides split ends and of course manageability because my hair can be a tangled mess if I let it.

The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner my hair felt completely different it felt noticeably heavier. It felt thicker and fuller in one wash and I chose the vegan, BPA free, and paraben free option being a vegan advocate for beauty products. The second time I used it my hair didn’t feel different like it did the first time, it felt normal but a new normal if that makes sense. I haven’t scratched my scalp since I started using this shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels a lot healthier and stronger since using both the shampoo and conditioner my scalp isn’t itchy and doesn’t feel tight like it did previously.

Overall Thoughts

Scent: 1-10 scale I give it a 4 because the scent although strong wasn’t as pleasant as I was hoping. Partly my fault though because I chose at Dawn, which I believe is a combination of fruits among other scents. The reason it’s a 4/10 is because it smells exactly like my dog’s shampoo so it just reminds me of dog shampoo. I’m more concerned of what the products can do besides the smell.

Consistency: The shampoo is very thick and soft it felt very nice in my hair. The conditioner worked really well too leaving my hair very soft, smooth and shiny. Formulate’s conditioner helped with detangling my hair whether which fulfilled the manageability I was aiming to resolve.

Final Results after multiple uses:

My hair is healthier since I’ve started using Formulate’s shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair every other day if not two days if my hair is not oily. I don’t have an oily scalp, but now that my hair is shorter I’ve noticed I can’t go more than a few days with oil building up. To prevent problems like dandruff that’s why my hair routine is every 1-2 days. The scent lasts at least 3 days and holds up nicely. Although I’m not a big fan, I do enjoy the fact that the products leave a lasting fragrance behind so I know how long until I need to wash again if it’s not oily. My hair is fuller by that I mean it doesn’t fall flat easy which I’m pretty sure has to do with the first time I used Formulate’s shampoo and conditioner.


You too can try Formulate’s shampoo and conditioner, click the link to win your own personal 8oz shampoo and conditioner!

Good luck!

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