3 Podcasts I’m loving right now.

I was introduced to podcasts by my boyfriend who had his favorite podcast playing all the time when we were in the car driving around from going to work or doing errands. Since being introduced I found podcasts that I like listening to when I’m doing chores or having my me time. I listen to all of my podcasts on Spotify it’s free, and you can skip the ads on it. Spotify tons of podcasts so you can search for other content you might like.

Asian Boss Girl

  The first podcast which piqued my interest was Asian Boss Girl. A podcast for the modern Asian woman (and man). Being half Asian, I like hearing other Asian anecdotes to have something to relate to as I didn’t have much of that growing up. Nor do I really have much of it now, but it’s something nice and positive to listen to. 

The podcast features 3 women (Mel, Janet and Helen) who work full-time, they recently left their jobs after 3 seasons of the podcast. I enjoyed listening to women who were not much older than me who also worked full-time after earning their degree. It was encouraging, I’m a little sad they’re not all working full-time anymore but that means more content and they’re happier which is more important than coming off relatable. I will say I enjoyed them voicing their own struggles when working in the business world as they all have different backgrounds, from finance, technology, to media it was interesting to hear all of their different experiences.  

Listen Hunnay with Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai is one of four hosts on The Real, she has been featured on shows for fashion advice. She has her own youtube channel where she does antics with her mom and opens up to her fans about her life. If you watch a few clips of the real you’ll see why she has a fan base. Jeannie is an open and honest person using her past experiences to help those who are going through something similar. The anecdotes she’s shared on The Real and her youtube channel just make you want to know more about her!

She created a podcast after learning about them through her brother and wanting to have another outlet to connect with her fans. Her podcast features guests with different backgrounds to help her audience become a better version of themselves. Some of the topics include building confidence, depression, comedy, identity politics, body love, and plenty of other topics that might be of interest to you.

Relationship Advice with Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz

I discovered this podcast when searching for something about relationships on Spotify. After listening to one episode I was hooked and listen to 2-3 episodes per day. The podcast is run by a couple who was looking for a relationship podcast to listen to and found there wasn’t any so they created their own. 

This podcast features relationship experts from different areas such as online dating, therapists, lawyers, and etc. who provide their own background to answer common relationship questions. 

At the end of each podcast, the guest will provide all of their links which can also be found on Idopodcast.com They also recommend something you can do with your partner to help improve your relationship. 

What podcasts are you currently listening too?

Let me know if you listened to any of these podcasts and what you thought.

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