20 Ways To Show You Care in a relationship during COVID-19

Since the start of COVID-19 it has been shown that many couples are breaking up due to differences. The differences include spending too much time together, not spending enough time together, not knowing boundries and not having date nights. To have a good relationship you have to continue dating the other person throughout the relationship and learn new things about one another, do nice things for the other person, and surprise the other person.

Here are some ways to keep your relationship strong during this trying time of COVID-19,

  1. Tell them how much they mean to you, and how thankful you are they are in your life.
  2. Make their favorite meal.
  3. Play a game like Uno, Scrabble, Sorry, possibly something from your childhood.
  4. Watch their favorite show with them or a movie they’ve been wanting to watch.
  5. Write them a handwritten letter.
  6. Send a nice lengthy text message in the morning or night, you’d be surprised how much that can make a person happy.
  7. Have a photoshoot date, all you need is your phone and a nice a location even your backyard.
  8. Surprise them with a snack when you see them, bonus points if you make the snack. You can buy a bag of cookie mix or brownies at the store for under $3 and be done making it within 30 minutes which includes the baking time.
  9. Help them with chores on their chore day or get them supplies they like if they have a particular way they like to do things.
  10. Make them a breakfast or lunch before they go to work and take it to them before they leave for work, if you have time of course.
  11. Compliment your partner on something, you’d be surprised how long someone will remember a compliment.
  12. Go to their favorite restaurant and get take out to share together.
  13. Buy them a flower, they don’t have to be expensive just go to the grocery store and pick out a flower even if it’s the cheapest. It’s the thought that counts. There are plenty of flowers under five dollars. Men deserve flowers too, in case you were contemplating on getting them a flower.
  14. Go to the dollar store and buy them five dollars maximum worth of items your partner would like.
  15. Surprise them after work or whenever you see them and beat them to coming to see you, switch it up.
  16. Make them a nice card, or personalized photo collage.
  17. Create a nice picnic in the backyard as a date, with both of your favorite foods.
  18. Take them some place romantic with a view and just enjoy the day together while taking a few pictures to remember the moments and feelings. This could be some place you guys met, or some place you’ve been wanting to go. If you can’t go due to COVID restrictions then create the place at home and pretend you’re there. Showing someone you care is more about effort and recognition then cost. It’s all about the time you put into your ideas.
  19. Do something new together like start a new show, play a new game, learn how to cook a meal you’ll both want.
  20. Go on a walk together and talk.

Have fun showing someone you care about them, this goes for all of the people in your life. Now is the time to reconnect because there’s no time like the present.

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