5 Ways to Become a Minimalist

What’s up guys, if you know me personally you know I am definitely not a minimalist. However, I do incorporate a few minimalist ideas to help me save money and to get the most use of my things.

Here are the 5 rules I follow:

  1. Don’t buy new things until all of the old ones have been used up.
  2. Donate and throw things away if they are no longer of use.
  3. Keep everyday items out in the open and put away multiple items that are not used as often.
  4. Make your own products.
  5. Keep things organized at all times to keep track of all of your belongings.

Here are some examples of how I follow the rules:

I recently have been buying less clothes and been working on wearing the same things in my closet over and over until they no longer wearable. With this I can create new outfits and get more use out of the clothes I have.

With the clothes I no longer want:

I donate them.

Give them to family and friends who are my size.

Repurpose them, old clothes can be used as cleaning rags or sewn into something else.

I’ve only bought items I actually need such as undergarments or articles of clothing I’m low on. Two months ago I purchased a couple pairs of leggings so I can wear them to workout and talk my dogs on walks, but also for fall outfits. One pair of leggings can be used for at least three different outfits.

Since I’ve already mentioned donating and throwing things away, let’s move onto rule number three keeping less things out in the open and putting things away that are not used as often. A great example for this rule is my skincare routine, I used to use about 5-6 products everyday now I’ve cut it down to three products. I realized by having so many products that were barely getting used was not as efficient as having one item in each area where I would actually use them. So I removed all the products that I wasn’t using on a daily basis, instead I moved the products I was using to spaces that I could see everyday. I put my cleanser in the shower, my moisturizer near my bathroom sink and then my other moisturizer on my vanity. My other skin care products that I only use once a week are still kept in my bathroom, but rather kept out in the open they are kept in the drawers wasting less space.

Making your own products whether that be an organization system, your own deodorant, candles and etc. will help you save money in the long run. You’ll be able to make how much you actually need instead of having more wasted space and clutter.

Keeping things organized helps you know where things are and how much is left. If every item has a spot, you won’t be spending money on unwanted items.

Those are my tips I hope this helped you in one way.

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