5 Easy & Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Are you as happy as I am that we are in fall now? I love Autumn it’s my favorite season because the weather change is exactly what I need at this time. With us all trying to overcome the pandemic I’m sure it was surprising as to how fast this year has gone by.

To lift my spirits I’ve been working on crafts and trying to come up with ideas to help get into the spooky season while on a budget. We can still be bougie…but ya know on a budget so we don’t break the bank.

Let’s get into our fall decor staple pieces:

  1. Scents. (Candles & Wax warmers) This will definitely change the feel of the rooms in your house. I have a wax warmer that I recently put out on my island and it makes my house smell amazingggg! I have a couple of Autumn-y scents that I can’t wait to try out. Candles are also a great addition if you don’t have a wax warmer. I got lucky that I was gifted a wax warmer and stocked up last year on scents. Bust out the fall scents and curl up in a warm blanket with a book or your favorite movie.
  2. Wreath. You can buy one at the dollar store or make one for under $5, that’s what I did. I bought a couple things from the dollar store and Jo-Anns and it’s hanging on my door now.
  3. Signs. There are a bunch of fun decorative themed signs at Dollar Tree and the 99 cents store which are perfect to help add a little bit of autumn into your home. I picked up a few signs at the Dollar Store.
  4. Bats. I actually looked up a tutorial on youtube on how to draw bats so I could make my own bats to put all over my house. All you need is construction paper, pen or pencil and scissors to make the bats. Click here for the video I used.
  5. Halloween & Autumn pictures. This is another thing you can do, print out fun pictures of the theme you’re going for and tape them around your house. I have a DIY post coming up on another way to do this. You can print out fun quotes, sayings, words, pumpkins and etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post, come back tomorrow for Blogtober.

What is your favorite part of Autumn?

Which decor staple did you like the most?

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