25 Blessings in 25 Years.

In honor of my 25th birthday I thought it would be a good idea to share my top 25 blessings instead of the usual 25 lessons in 25 years. Although, with each birthday we get older we also gain another year of life which is a true blessing especially considering living through the pandemic we’re currently in. I know many people have lost someone this year including myself and life is a precious gift as cliche as it sounds but I think we don’t really realize it until we’ve experienced something close to us. Please take precautions to protect yourself and your family against covid and don’t forget to vote.

Anyways, let’s get on to counting my blessings:

  1. The fact that I’ve made it to 25 years old, because I know not everyone is that fortunate.
  2. Waking up today.
  3. My health.
  4. The fact that my family and friends besides myself haven’t contracted covid.
  5. My partner who is my rock.
  6. Being engaged to my wonderful partner.
  7. My mom and brothers are still in my life and we still talk frequently.
  8. My mom’s side of the family is still alive and well, especially my grandma who is in her 70’s.
  9. The support of my family and friends and being able to support them in return.
  10. I have a house and place to live with my family.
  11. My dogs who are always up in my face giving me love each and everyday.
  12. Being able to have food in my fridge.
  13. Clean water.
  14. A washer and dryer in my house!
  15. Graduating college with my Associate’s Degree.
  16. Graduating college with my Bachelor’s Degree.
  17. My super comfortable bed.
  18. Feeling safe and secure.
  19. My mom’s cooking and how she treats me when she comes to visit. (Pre-Covid)
  20. Being able to communicate with my family during the pandemic.
  21. Being able to take care of my family by providing love and support.
  22. Being loved by my fiance, dogs, family and friends.
  23. Looking young.
  24. Chocolate.
  25. My blog readers.

Hope you all are safe.

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