How I Organized my Vanity with products from Dollar Tree.

I started doing my makeup when I was 15 and a half and since then I haven’t had an actual place to do my makeup. I would grab all of my products and sit in front of my mirror and do my makeup. Once I was finished or almost finished I would then go to my bathroom to check my makeup since the lighting was better in the bathroom. Fast forward to now I just turned 25 last week, but I was fortunate enough to have a boyfriend encourage me to pick out my dream vanity. We paid it off together and it’s been mine for the past 3 months.

Onto organizing my makeup in my vanity, so since my vanity has six drawers on each side plus the middle drawer there’s a ton of space for makeup products. I actually use my vanity as half for a vanity and half for a desk due to not having a billion makeup products. When I was looking for trays to fit into my vanity I noticed the prices ranged from $15-30 per set of three trays or so.

I went to my local dollar tree and found some clear trays that fit into my vanity well. The only problem I ran into was I couldn’t find individual trays for my vanity. However the trays I did find have worked fabulously. Save your money and go to your local dollar store to see if you can find something similar.

I bought two types of trays from Dollar Tree, a three compartment storage tray and a larger tray. I ordered the larger trays online at because they weren’t any at my local Dollar Tree. I was able to find enough three compartment storage trays at my local Dollar Tree. I bought a case of the larger trays which was $12 plus tax so about $15.00, shipping took about a week or two.

Contact paper is also a great purchase to buy at the Dollar Tree unless you can find a better deal elsewhere. I used tape to stick mine down in my drawers because I didn’t want to actually remove the contact paper and have it on my vanity permanentely but I did want to add more of a personal touch.

Here are examples of how I used them in my vanity.

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