Fall Outfits: How to wear one knitted long sleeve 5 different ways

As I mentioned fall is my favorite season, between the start of the holiday season and sweater weather what’s not to love. Time to bust out the fall wardrobe and have more look books, which brings me to sharing my new favorite outfits. I recently received a good amount of knitted long sleeves among other pieces which will be featured soon. I actually don’t own many knitted long sleeves which made it fun to create new outfits. They were each a great addition to my closet.

Let’s get to the ‘fits!

First outfit featuring my new White Skechers.

This outfit is perfect for running errands, a casual date, or a day spent with family. I haven’t actually worn this outfit yet due to covid, but if an occasion arises this will be in my weekly rotation. The contrast between the dark blue jeans and the orange in the long sleeve shirt really make the colors pop. While the chunky white sneakers pull the look together, while following the trend of chunky sneakers and white chunky sneakers.

Knitted long sleeve + black leggings + black ankle booties = dressy casual look.

This outfit is not only comfy, but makes you look like you got ready without actually getting ready. I’d wear this outfit on a date to the pumpkin patch, to Thanksgiving and to hang out with friends. Alas with covid and due to the fact I just received this long sleeve not too long ago I have yet to wear out for an occasion, but it is on the list of possible Thanksgiving attire. The booties tie in with the leggings really well. Tan booties would also be a good option for this outfit.

Knitted long sleeve + Aztec print body con skirt + dressy booties = Dressy outfit.

The fact that the skirt has orange and a beige color really highlight the colors on the long sleeve. I’ve had this skirt for years and I love that the top matches it so well. The shoes help make the outfit stay dressy since they are a chunky heel and give it the class it needed to pull it all together. Everything about this outfit make it dressy from the top, to adding skirt to make it more feminine and then the shoes for the finish.

Knitted long sleeve + dark denim + black felt wedges = Date night outfit.

This outfit screams date night with the folded up sleeves and the folded up jeans throw on a pair of wedges and you’re good to go. I would definitely wear this on a date with my fiance if we weren’t in a pandemic. This can also pass as a great outfit for Thanksgiving and a girl’s night.

P.S. I recently got engaged so showing off my engagement ring has been my favorite pose lately.

Long sleeve + Skull circle skirt + chunky boots = Punky outfit.

I was feeling Halloween vibes with this look, especially with the skulls. I bought this skirt on Amazon and I’ve had it for quite some time six years to be exact and it’s held up really well. I love wearing it this time of year with the weather getting cooler. I would normally pair my skirts with tights but at the moment I currently don’t own any. A chunky boot is perfect for this time of year and perfect to change the occasion for the outfit. I don’t wear these boots often as they’re heavy, but I do love them.

Here are the five looks, let me know which is your favorite and what outfits you wanna see next.

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