What are my purse essentials 2020?

Now that I’m only going out to run necessary errands I’ve been cutting things out of my purse which include extra makeup products and uneccesary items wasting space in my purse.

Wallet- Of course this is one of the most important things in my purse. I always carry it with me and make sure to only carry my big wallet when I don’t need everything else.

Keys- I always have these with me since they’re attached to the key ring on my wallet. I like that my wallet is thin so it create space to carry my keys.

Pepper Spray- I’ve been carrying pepper spray since I was 18 years old because you just never know when you might need it. Thankfully I’ve never had to use it, but I still always have it with me. It’s never failed and I’ve made sure to do a couple of test sprays every few months to make sure it’s still okay to use.

Chapstick- I always have chapsticks with me for when I don’t wear lipstick or add a lip product to my lips. I’d rather have my lips moisturized and protected than bare as opposed to having nothing when I don’t have any other lip products on.

Hair ties- You never know when you’ll need a hair tie so that’s always in my purse. I’ve made sure that there are extras in each of my purses just in case I end up switching for whatever reason like style or level of comfort.

Antibiotic cream- I’m an accident prone and this has come in handy more for my family members instead of me believe it or not. Definitely worth keeping in my purse with me at all times.

Hand sanitizer- With COVID-19, this has become a staple since some places don’t carry hand sanitizer when I’m running errands. It makes me feel cleaner and safer since I have my own.

Lotion- I like to keep lotion because during the winter season my hands can become super dry. I hate the feeling of having dry hands because my hands get really rough. I like a thick lotion to help keep my hands hydrated, and moisturized.

Gum- Just in case I feel like chewing gum or in case fiance wants a stick of gum. Sometimes I’m in the mood to blow bubbles with my gum during a long drive.

Mask – I keep an extra mask in my purse in case I forget to grab mine from the car. Also just in case I left mine in the washer or left it at home.

That’s everything I keep in my purses for

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