Christmas Gift Guide for Children that is not technology.

The countdown to Christmas has started for most of us, myself included. This will be the first Christmas spent with my brothers living with me, usually I only see them on holidays and every so often. Personally, I just like to get things done before the last minute especially during this pandemic where most items have been going out of stock faster than usual. I have a little brother who is 9 years old going on 10 and with everything going on I think he should be able to experience what it’s like being a kid before it slips away from him. I know with the pandemic it has become more difficult for children to socialize and have their childhood, but I think we can make the best out of it by encouraging them to not be behind a screen all day.

Books are an amazing gift since children can practice reading and reread the books later in life. You can buy books in a thrift store, at, and etc. Personally, I think books are a great gift because kids can reread the books as many times as they want. It’ll open up a new world for them and they can continue learning about topics that interest them. I love buying books from since they have sales often and the books are secondhand. If you don’t want to go thrifting or decide it’s not worth going to stores with the pandemic this is nice alternative option.

Boardgames are a great way to have a child connect with their family while also interacting with others once they’re able to play with their friends again. Boardgames are not that expensive when compared to how long they will withstand time and how often they can be used. A couple of my favorites are Uno, Manacala, life, connect4, operation and jenga.

Outdoor toys such as a soccer ball, football, tennis, bike and scooter are a great way to encourage exercise while letting a kid being a kid. This is also a great way to be bond with kids during this time since they aren’t in school, while also encouraging a new hobby.

Puzzles are a great family activity and also a great way to have kids exercise their mind while being creative. Puzzles with characters kids love would be a great gift idea or landscapes. There’s plenty at the dollar store and bargain stores such as Dollar Tree, and the 99 cents store.

Legos are a pain to pick up and hurt like hell, but they are also a positive way to encourage creativity. They’re on sale right now with Black Friday. There’s so many things that can be created and kids can always play with legos and watch youtube videos to have creations they’ll be proud of.

Play-Doh or clay is something you can look into if you want to encourage more arts and creativity for your child or the child you’re planning to get a gift for. There are tons of videos on how to create characters and things they like such as cars, dolls and etc. These can also be found at the bargain stores I mentioned earlier, and the 99 cents store.

Stem games that encourage critical thinking, interest in science or math and some type of playing involved. I think it would be a great way to encourage kids to like a subject they might not enjoy right now. It’ll change their perspective while also helping them develop new skills when building the game.

Hope you enjoyed and happy gifting.

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