14 Sweet at home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

I’m a girl who’s in love with love and always will be. Before I was in a relationship I never “cared” for Valentine’s Day, however I care about the chocolate. Now that I’ve been in a committed relationship for almost 5 years, these holidays are more meaningful to me because although we express our love for each other everyday it’s nice to have a day dedicated to it. It doesn’t have to be anything special but it’s the thought that counts for me.

As someone close to me taught me, “A gift from your heart is all that matters.” I always think of that when I’m going to be giving a gift to someone. With the pandemic, I know Valentine’s Day might be the last thing on everyone’s mind however there are tons of simple date ideas we can do together with friends, family and our significant other.

Let’s jump into these at home date ideas.

  1. Indoor or Outdoor Picnic. An indoor picnic or an at home picnic is a great idea especially if you’ve never had one. It only takes a little bit of time and cooking or a quick trip to the grocery store to buy snacks, prepped meals or ingredients to make your meals. You can make an indoor picnic with a blanket on the ground and all of your favorite foods or take out for you and your special someone. If you plan on doing it outdoors, it’s basically the same thing except you clear out some space in your backyard or clean it up if it’s messy and prepare the same thing.
  2. DIY Movie Theater at home. Create a pretend movie theater at home, complete with tickets and a concession stand. You can go all out by adding a projector or just get creative and make the tickets and head to the dollar store for the popcorn buckets. Add some cozy blankets and have different ticket options for the movies.
  3. Paint Night. Paint nights have become more popular with quarantine. This one requires a couple of canvas’s, paint, paint brushes, water, ice cube tray or paper plate (to hold the paint) and your phone. You can use your phone to pull up a tutorial of something you’d like to paint and have everyone try to paint the same thing. Or you can have each person paint whatever they want and look at all the creations afterward. Add snacks, and maybe alcohol drinks if you’d like to spice it up.
  4. Scavenger Hunt. Create a scavenger hunt in your home or backyard with homemade prizes or thoughtful gifts like home-cooked favorite meals or thoughtful coupons.
  5. Recreate your first date at home. Get dressed up and turn your kitchen and dining area to your first date and reminisce on your first memories.
  6. Order food and play board games. Going to get take out and enjoying your favorite board games is a nice evening in my book. If you’re competitive it’ll just make it that much more fun.
  7. Surprise home cooked favorite meal. Surprise your special person with their favorite home cooked meal. Or make a meal that is both of your favorites.
  8. Surprise Spa Day. Everyone needs a day to relax whether it be with a massage, a nap, face mask, or a bubble bath. If you’re feeling extra, you can add a foot soak or a foot massage, favorite drinks (smoothie or Starbucks) doing your nails, and a hair mask.
  9. Recreate one of your favorite past dates. Think about all of your past dates and which one you’d like to recreate for the special person in your life. Go all out if you can or try to get the main details of the date down. The memories that made the date the reason you remember it to this day.
  10. Puzzles and snacks then pizza. Puzzles show if you and your partner communicate well, it’s like building something together. Communication is everything plus puzzles are fun. Add some fun finger foods like popcorn, candy, fruit and etc. you got yourself a nice long fun-filled date and end the night with a pizza dinner.
  11. Heart shaped pizza and binge your favorite show. There are two ways to go about this, either make a heart shaped pizza after going to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients or order a heart shaped pizza. Around this time, there are pizza places that offer heart shaped pizzas for Valentine’s day and maybe the day after if you’re lucky. Pick a show to binge or continue binging your favorite show with a lovely heart shaped pizza.
  12. Create a scrapbook. If you don’t have a physical photo album with pictures of just the two of you, this would be a fun creative craft that you two can create together. Select pictures together, go to your local drugstore where you can print pictures then head to the dollar store to pick up some supplies. All you need is construction paper, stickers, markers and a small photo album. You could also pick up two small personal photo albums so you each get one.
  13. Spend time making each other a card. Get back to basics and make a Valentine’s Day card, like we all use to when we first started school. Bust out the paper, stickers and markers. It doesn’t have to be special or take a ton of time. It’s a memory you’re making together and your message by making the card alone speaks volumes. Bonus points if you write something inside.
  14. Video game challenge. Video games are beyond popular today so why not add some healthy competition with it by choosing one to have a challenge in. Games like Settlers of Cattan, Fortnite, Among Us and whatever else is popular to you and your special person.

Hope you enjoyed these at home Valentine’s Day date ideas. Hope you have a fun Valentine’s Day filled with love and good food.

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