21 ways to show your Mom you love her.

Instead of having a Mother’s Day gift guide this year I decided to do something different to show the women in our life we love them. I have compiled a list of things you can do throughout the year to show the strong woman who brought you up that you love and care about them. First off don’t forget to call them on Mother’s day, they’ll be sad if you don’t.

As someone who didn’t get their mom many gifts growing up I like to do nice things for my Mom now that we’re both older, have a better relationship and I appreciate her more. I cherish my mom for the things she did for me growing up. Mother’s day isn’t about gifts, it’s about recognizing the women who brought us up.

My Mom is someone I can tell almost anything too, she’s always there to listen even if she hasn’t experienced what I have. My Mom worked and made sure to encourage me to go to school and finish and she was the proudest at my each of my graduations.

  1. Make a nice meal for your mom, doesn’t matter if it’s simple or fancy.
  2. Clean your mom’s house or clean a room/rooms.
  3. Buy her flowers; pick flowers from your yard or garden.
  4. Make your mom a card and write a heartfelt message.
  5. Call and Facetime your mom more often.
  6. Screen record your Facetime calls and phone calls and send them to her.
  7. Send your mom pictures of you every now and then and ask for your mom to do the same.
  8. Order food and have it sent to your mom via Doordash, Ubereats, Grubhub, and Postmates.
  9. Help her with her technology problems, teach shortcuts on their phone, tv and computer.
  10. Send her songs via youtube that she’d like.
  11. Send a text hoping she’s having a good day.
  12. Treat her to a spa day, get her nails done, hair done, makeup done, and new outfit.
  13. Help her declutter her home, or cluttered space.
  14. Stop by and do a surprise visit.
  15. Take a ton of photos with your Mom.
  16. Record your with mom with you and spending time, (you’ll rewatch when you miss her).
  17. Create a picture collage and gift it to her..
  18. Ask your mom what’s something she’s been wanting to do and do it with her.
  19. Go on a walk with your mom and just talk and catch up.
  20. Buy her something she’s been saying she needs.
  21. Tell her you love her every chance you get, life is short and unexpected.

Enjoy spending time with your mom!

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